Welcome to the “I Was There” Archives

Hello and welcome to the “I Was There” Archives!

The “I Was There” Archives were created by two Public Humanities graduate students, Amy Atticks and Meghan Townes, for a digital scholarship class at Brown University.  Early in 2010, we became involved in an arts-based learning project, which uses oral history as a springboard for students engaging creatively with their community, at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island.  The project, called “I Was There,” has been running for two years but does not have a set protocol for archiving its materials.  We set out to design an archival process for “I Was There” (IWT) and find a home for the born digital files it has created.  Along the way, we’ve encountered a number of interesting issues about access, ownership, formats, and cross-organizational cooperation.  Please explore the archives.  For more information, see our “About” page.

Meghan Townes

Amy Atticks

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